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Coverage: Hawaii/Guam

Shipping Details
Rates and Charges

Service Area for Hawaii


UPS Freight provides reliable, comprehensive coverage for the Hawaiian Islands and Guam.

•  Coverage for all six Hawaiian islands (delivery for six/pickup for four) and Guam

Shipping Details

Ocean Services to Hawaii
Ocean-going vessels depart twice weekly from the port of Long Beach

Island Delivery

Freight arrives in Honolulu five days after sailing. An additional week is added for shipments to the neighbor islands.

Shipments to Guam arrive approximately 12 days after sailing from Hawaii.

Shipping Documentation

For shipments to Hawaii:
• Standard bill of lading

For shipments to Guam:
• Standard bill of lading
• Commercial invoice in duplicate indicating the shipment's value and Schedule B number.

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Rates and Charges

Rates to Hawaii and Guam are based on three components:

1. From Origin Point to Gateway Service Center (Mainland Charges) – Rate shipment from point of origin to Pico Rivera, CA 90660 using your negotiated UPS Freight pricing provisions.
2. From Gateway Service Center to Island Service Center (Ocean Charges) - Pricing from Pico Rivera, CA to the island service center is based on cubic feet. Shipments with a density equal to or exceeding 45 lbs. per cubic foot will be rated on the basis of 1 cubic foot per 45 lbs. Please refer to UPGF 105 tariff for applicable charges.
3. From Island Service Center to Final Destination (Island Delivery Charges) – Pricing for delivery upon arrival at the island destination is also based on cubic feet. Please refer to UPGF 105 tariff for applicable charges.

Calculating Cubic Feet

Freight will be measured on arrival in Pico Rivera, CA, as Ocean (Pico Rivera to island gateway service center) and Island Delivery (island gateway service center to final destination) charges are based on cubic feet measurements (length in inches × width in inches × height in inches divided by 1,728 = cubic feet).

Note: A weight factor may be applied to very dense freight on the ocean and island delivery segments. To ensure an accurate rate quote, freight should be calculated both by weight and cubic feet.

Please refer to UPGF 105 tariff for applicable offshore rates, rules and charges or call International Customer Service at (800) 333-7400. A copy of the UPGF 105 tariff is available upon request at no cost.

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