Shipping with UPS Freight, as easy as 1,2,3

While many LTL carriers are cutting service levels and reducing coverage, rest assured that you can count on UPS Freight to provide the outstanding level of service your business requires.

If you have concerns about the performance of your current carrier, you should consider using UPS Freight to take advantage of our guaranteed reliability, improved time in transit, enhanced coverage, and one driver pickup for your regional, interregional and long-haul shipments.

Our Reliability is Guaranteed

UPS Freight is committed to reliability. In fact, we guarantee on-time service at no additional cost. Our on-time performance guarantee* can provide reliability wherever you need to ship within the US 48 states, and between the U.S. and Canada.

UPS Freight in the Fast Lane

We’ve improved time-in-transit in 12,000 lanes over the past 2 years. Faster service means you can get your products to customers sooner, turn inventory quicker and invoice customers faster.

Coverage - The One Driver Difference

UPS Freight’s network covers the entire country; one UPS Freight driver picks up all of your regional, interregional and long-haul LTL shipments. This means fewer trucks at your dock, fewer bills to pay, and streamlined shipment processing and tracking.

Flexibility to Handle Any Size Ground Shipment

UPS has the shipping alternatives to handle a wider range of shipments than other LTL carriers. Regardless of size, you need service you can count on whether it’s shipping or receiving:

― A few packages: Choose UPS Ground
― Multiple packages: Choose UPS Hundredweight Service®
― Pallet loads: Choose UPS Freight® LTL
― Truckload: Choose UPS Freight® Truckload

The power of UPS Shipping Technology

Whether you are shipping small packages or LTL shipments via UPS Freight, our advanced technology makes it convenient and easy to process shipments, track and reconcile billing. UPS is the only carrier who offers the convenience of a common automated shipping application for package and LTL shipments. With UPS WorldShip (2008 version or higher), we make it as quick and easy to ship UPS Freight LTL as we do UPS ground and air packages.

Ready to speed your business with UPS Freight?
Click here or call 1-800-333-7400 to schedule a pickup today.

* If your shipments are rated on the current UPS Freight tariff (UPGF 560 and UPGF 525), we guarantee your freight will arrive on time, or you can request for your freight charges to be waived. See the UPS Freight Rules Tariff for terms and conditions

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