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Density-Based Rating

Density-Based Rating

UPS Freight Density-Based Rating eliminates the need for freight classification

If you only occasionally prepare less-than-truckload (LTL) shipments, you know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to determine your product’s proper freight classification. Furthermore, the wrong classification can lead to charge corrections which may increase your cost and delay invoicing your customer. Now you can eliminate the confusion and uncertainty by shipping with UPS Freight Density-Based Rating.

UPS Freight Density-Based Rating offers simplified LTL processing and the same reliability you’ve come to expect from UPS. Instead of freight classifications, this solution simply requires weight and dimensions in inches (Length × Width × Height). Eliminating freight classification provides the following benefits:

  • Simplified BOL creation
  • Consistent shipping methods with air freight, ocean, parcel
  • Better rates for better density
  • Eliminate errors caused by future NMFC classification updates
  • No classification disputes from carrier inspections
  • Rate consistency & predictability

With UPS Freight, you can skip determining and/or verifying freight classes. Just dimensions and weight, making for faster, more accurate and more transparent shipment processing. In addition, shipments moving under Density-Based Rating will be subject to a comparatively lower and less volatile LTL fuel surcharge. The result is predictable rates, consistent invoicing and an end to the uncertainty.

Simplify Your LTL Shipping

Start shipping with Density-Based Rating today. Click here to obtain a rate quote and select to rate the shipment using Handling Unit Dimensions.

For more frequent shippers, contact UPS Freight to establish an agreement incorporating the LTL Density-Based Rating Program today.