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More Options to Mexico
Be it to the border or to your customer, UPS Freight offers more service options for your cross-border shipments to Mexico.

UPS® Standard LTL with UPS Customs Brokerage®: UPS Freight offers quality LTL door-to-door ground freight service, with customs brokerage capabilities, between the contiguous U.S. and Mexico with single invoicing and a service guarantee where applicable**

UPS Standard LTL: UPS Freight provides door-to-door LTL ground transportation on both sides of the border, working with the broker of your choice. You choose the broker and we’ll handle the rest***

Door-to-Border Transportation: Choose UPS Freight to provide quality LTL ground transportation to your customs broker at one of five designated UPS Freight gateway cities of Brownsville/McAllen, TX; El Paso, TX; Laredo, TX; Nogales, AZ and Otay Mesa, CA

Non-Contiguous U.S. and Canada: UPS Freight offers quality LTL service, with the option of UPS brokerage, between Mexico and the non-contiguous U.S. (Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) and also between Canada and Mexico

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All UPS Freight services to Mexico offer:

  • Se habla español - Bilingual customer support with UPS resources at the border
  • Shipment tracking with Quantum View Manage

UPS Standard LTL services add:

  • Rate quotes covering door-to-door transportation charges
  • Full door-to-door shipment visibility
  • Full country coverage offering 1 to 2 day service from the border to points within Mexico*
  • Dedicated UPS resources within Mexico

UPS Standard LTL with UPS Customs Brokerage adds:

  • Full customs brokerage capability to help expedite clearance of your shipment
  • On-time service guarantee where applicable**
  • A single invoice for your shipment containing all customs & transportation charges

Some of the general documents required for basic customs clearance into Mexico include the Commercial Invoice, and the USMCA/CUSMA/T-MEC Certification of Origin. For specific inquiries relating to these documents or customs clearance, please contact the appropriate customs house broker.


    For more information or to schedule a pickup, call (800)333-7400 when dialing from the U.S. or Canada. In Mexico, please call 00 + 1 + (804)231-8555. Please visit UPS Brokerage for information concerning UPS Customs Brokerage service.

    *Coverage and time-in-transit may vary for rural areas, contact UPS Freight International Customer Service for more information.

    **If any shipment to which a guarantee applies is not delivered by the scheduled delivery date, the sole liability of UPS Freight (and any of its affiliates and/or agents) shall be to cancel freight charges for that shipment, if timely requested by customer (freight charges shall not include fees for performed accessorial services or brokerage charges). See the current UPGF 102 series Rules Tariff, available at www.upsfreight.com , and any other applicable contract, for applicable terms, conditions, restrictions, and remedies.

    ***Shipments to Mexico require the services of a Mexico Customs Broker. The consignee in Mexico specifies the Mexican broker; the shipper in the U.S. cannot choose the broker. Shipments from Mexico require a Mexican export broker and a U.S. import broker. The shipper in Mexico can specify and pay for Mexico and U.S. brokerage services, depending on the terms of sale.