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UPS Dedicated

UPS Dedicated

Your Own Private Fleet, Run by UPS

For those who need specialized services that only a private fleet provides, we offer UPS Dedicated to help minimize costs and improve distribution. With UPS Dedicated, you’ll enjoy the rigorous service levels of your own customized private fleet with the peace of mind and efficiencies of being operated and managed by experts at UPS.

We take more than 100 years of network engineering, design and fleet management expertise to create an optimized solution for automotive parts, retail, perishables, medical and any industry delivery operation where rigorous service levels are required, while minimizing asset and resource requirements that drive overall cost savings.

Let UPS take care of equipment planning, route optimization, driver hiring, labor management, liability risk management and regulatory compliance for your fleet, while you spend your time and capital making your business grow.

To inquire about UPS Dedicated, please reach out to your UPS Sales Representative. If you don’t have a UPS Sales Representative, please contact UPSDedicated@ups.com.

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