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UPS Freight LTL

UPS Freight LTL

Speed. Coverage. Flexibility. And guaranteed reliability.*

Trust UPS Freight with your LTL shipments, and receive reliable service backed by a day-definite, on-time guarantee at no additional charge. Guaranteed service means reliability for all your regional, interregional and long-haul needs, all with one convenient pickup. And with UPS technologies, such as WorldShip, UPS Billing Center and Quantum View, you can process and track LTL shipments, create electronic bills of lading, reconcile billing, and much more.

UPS Freight’s extensive transportation network, experienced employees, and efficient systems mean your freight will be picked up and delivered on time.

Services Include:

  • Reliable service backed by a on-time guarantee at no additional charge*
  • Regional, interregional & long-haul service, all with one pickup
  • More than 20,000 one and two day lanes
  • Cross-continent three- and four-day service
  • UPS technologies to improve shipping, tracking & billing
  • Single carrier responsibility
  • Offshore and international shipping

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For critical shipments, upgrade to our urgent service.

Have occasional large LTL shipments? We offer volume pricing on select lanes.

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*See the UPS Freight Tariff and Terms and Conditions and any other applicable contract, as other restrictions may apply.